"You manage the medicine, We'll manage the business!"


Through our many service offerings, On-Site leads your practice towards profitability by reducing costs, stream-lining processes through efficiencies and compliance, managing the business while you practice medicine, and growing your patient base through marketing and expanded services. On-Site develops a customized practice improvement solution just for you that will increase bottom line profits.

Each of our services, Consulting, Management Services, Technology, and Marketing provide tangible and measurable solutions to improve your business’ operational performance, and your financial results.

Consulting »

With our 42 years of experience in healthcare consulting, On-Site can offer knowledge that helps you build a thriving practice and establish a growth strategy that creates success. Whether you need to solve a specific issue or identify new opportunities OSM consulting can help.

Management Services »

We understand that physicians want to practice medicine and have a successful business. On-Site helps with the critical daily administration for your practice that allows the physician to pursue his or her passion for medicine.

Marketing »

Building a comprehensive marketing strategy is key to having a successful outreach to new patients. The mistake so many practices make is having multiple companies work on different marketing channels in silos. In this fatal approach, no one is working together on a consistent message and strategy across all channels leading to mixed messaging and a possible inconsistent look creating brand confusion in the marketplace. Inconsistency and brand confusion leads to patients choosing not to engage with your practice.

Technology »

Are you still using old-fashioned charts or does your current medical software system not perform all the functions you need? Do you have hardware or software that is just not keeping up with the requirements of your business or the market? If so, we can help.