"You manage the medicine. We'll manage the business!"

Through technology, OSM improves efficiency & bottom line profits

We believe that technology, when implemented correctly, will yield improved efficiency while improving patient access, satisfaction & experience.  We also don’t believe that good technology has to be the most expensive. We have a saying within the company that states “we spend your money like it was our money.” 


Through our Group Purchasing Agreements and Strategic Partnership programs, our goal is to save you money through technology that lands on your bottom-line.


Technology that allows you to access your patients’ information anywhere and communicate with them in real-time via a secure patient portal. Cloud computing, secure email, & mobile applications represent just a few of the additional technology tools that are designed to re-position your practice to meet the changing needs of the medical marketplace while being cost effective, completely secure and HIPAA/CCHIT compliant.


Let On-Site assist you in converting your existing processes and systems into a state-of-the-art, fully integrated, software solutions that meet both your practices’ and your patient’s needs. On-Site can act primarily in two different roles: Project Manager or Funding/Financial Partner.

Project Management

Managing all the steps in assessing, financing, & implementing new systems is daunting. On-Site has years or experience in managing this process and will afford your practice the utmost productivity from your new technology solution.


On-Site will help you in the following ways:

  • analyze & evaluate different medical software solutions
  • determine which solution fits your specific needs
  • develop a detailed plan regarding data conversion from your old system
  • schedule the training for the physician(s) & staff
  • assist with the arduous task of implementation
  • ensure maximum functionality of the new technology

Financial Partner

As a financial partner, On-Site will not only help find you funding for the software you need, we can find a program that allows the cost of your new medical solution to be spread out over five years. No one needs or wants to get stuck with a large up-front cost of over $100,000. On-Site’s program will allow you to navigate this large expense and manage costs and maintenance over time through valued partners we bring to the table. On-Site’s negotiated arrangements with the large medical software companies are very beneficial to your practice and most importantly to your bottom line. You will receive the best price possible and On-Site will pass ALL of those savings on to you.


Let On-Site assist in your transition to a state-of-the-art comprehensive software solution. All our solutions will be HIPAA/HITECH/PHI approved, to keep your business compliant. Not only will On-Site be there for you as a project manager to ensure everything goes smoothly, we will change the cost structure from enormous out-of-pocket upfront expenses to a manageable monthly payment.