"You manage the medicine, We'll manage the business!"

On-Site’s Success Stories

We feel it’s important that we share some of our real world experiences. Below is a small cross-section of some of our clients and the successes we helped create.  Some of the most notable stories are listed below:

Cardiothoracic & Vascular Surgeon

Consulting – A start-up relocation at the time, now a 2-year-old practice where we started with this provider helping them newly locate to Texas. We found and negotiated a great location, got him credentialed into great hospitals, & hired the staff. By helping the doctor identify and select a state of the art EMR & PM software solution, the practice continues to grow profitably today.

Foot and Ankle Practice

Consulting – The physician was a fresh out of school and wanted to build a thriving practice. We applied our blueprint for start-up success by developing a business plan, secured a professional office building next to the hospital, helped with staffing along with many other vital steps that helped him create a thriving practice. Now the four-year-old practice has grown to a point where he has purchased a new stand-alone building and continues to grow.

Pediatric Practice

Practice Management Services – After years of working for others, we helped this physician start a new practice from the dirt up. By taking care of the On-Site service products and advantages, this business at its five-year mark is a seven figure practice that continues to grow by 50+ new patients per month.

Urgent Care/Occupational Medicine

Consulting & Marketing – Implemented new technology, developed new work-flow, moved & replaced staff that created efficiencies, added to the bottom-line revenue and created a better customer experience. Also through a unique and strategic marketing plan, we re-positioned their practice and brand in the marketplace that drove new patient appointments, and created a sustainable business model through new growth.

Primary Care

Consulting & Practice Management Services – Existing practice needed to replace antiquated management system and software that was leading to lost revenue. We then reorganized the group which greatly reduced the operational budget, improved productivity, and revitalized the group. All of which lead to a solid bottom-line.

Bariatric Surgeon

Consulting & Practice Management Services – Worked with a new doctor to Texas to negotiate and acquire an existing surgical practice which we help brand, market and expand the service offerings. On-site then helped an expansion of the practice by implementing new EMR & PM software solutions, a patient portal, hardware & software to support the business’ new and growing needs. On-Site’s claims processing & collection skills, along with our full suite of bookkeeping and accounting services has helped this business flourish in a very competitive DFW environment.