We live for data driven decisions that bring you results!

Key Components Can Make or Break a GREAT campaign?

A perfect message designed for a specific consumer target that is not put into the right media channel is NEVER heard, and a WRONG message put in the right media will NEVER work. Whether the healthcare industry likes it or not, consumerism is here to stay. Those companies that embrace this fact, then create and promote their brand strategically will always win.


Many brands and agencies still execute marketing campaigns based on a ‘we think’ strategy vs ‘we know’ strategy. We know data is king and the only way to make marketing decisions to develop and build what will generate results tailored to your business and its goals.


Website Design and Development

Branding, Messaging, Design


Social Media Alignment

Discuss why social media is important and having consistency


Local Directory Submission

Search engines have become smarter and serve up content based on location, it is critical your Name, Address and Phone number are consistent through the directory listings.

  • Discuss the value of local directories and consistency of the NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) across all directories

Paid Marketing Page

  • Adwords (Google)
    – Discuss  and define your market of Google and buyer intent


  • Adcenter (Bing)
    – Discuss the smaller but significant market share that is typically less expensive


  • Social Media
    – Discuss your businesses credibility and branding tools plus ability to target demographics


  • Call tracking
    – Discuss our ability to associate a calls, leads and forms, back to the source of that lead, while having the ability to listen in on calls for staff communication skills, quality and address service issues