You Manage the Medicine.

We’ll Manage the Business.



We provide operational excellence & proven tech solutions.

Experience you can count on

It’s easy to loose track of where you’re going if you don’t know where you could or should be.   At On-Site Medical, we know how to find each and every one of our clients’ unique opportunities to help them be successful.


On-Site has 42 years of combined experience in healthcare consulting, managed care, practice management, bill review, strategic marketing and debt collection. For you, this means we are able to use that experience to develop a business solution that ensures optimal growth and success for your practice.


  • Single source management providers
  • Performance-based fees means our income is based on your financial performance
  • Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) for 13+ years
  • Detailed references readily available (primary to specialty care practices/groups)
  • Money back guarantee on $2,500 evaluation* (see terms and conditions)
  • State of the art technology working for you that supports and delivers on business goals
  • Strategic Marketing that drives new patients and revenue


OSM provides contract negotiations, staffing, staff management, bookkeeping, payroll, billing/collections, vendor management/purchasing and marketing services far superior to what a typical facility can afford to do internally.


This type of expertise is invaluable when it comes to creating ROI in areas that are typically overlooked in so many practices. We accomplish this and make it affordable to you, by spreading the costs of highly trained and experienced resources across multiple clients.


The result of this is our clients get big hospital system type efficiencies without the huge overhead expense and headache.

Which Service is right for you?

On-Site Medical provides a vast amount of services that can help you build your practice into what you know it can be. Click below on one of our offerings to not only help you understand what our services include, but more importantly, how we are different from so many other medical consulting and management companies.


Most physicians and medical organizations fall into three practice types: start-up, established, or established but looking for an exit strategy. We solve your challenges in each.


On-Site’s basic concept stems from understanding that physicians want to practice medicine and don’t have the time, or desire to run the business side.


Let On-Site assist you in converting to a state-of-the-art, comprehensive, electronic medical software solution that fits your needs.


Unique Marketing programs that will use technology and art, to grow your practice through acquisition of new patients.