We live for data driven decisions that bring you results!

Why is On-Sites team different?

The world has changed and we must change with it. The majority of people are looking for answers now online. In 2012 digital advertising passed broadcast television as the #1 outlet for marketing. Statistics show that at the current rate, digital advertising will pass ALL offline advertising COMBINED (TV, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines, Billboards) by 2020.


Building a comprehensive marketing strategy is key to having a successful outreach to new patients. The mistake so many practices make is having multiple companies work on different marketing channels in silos. No one knowing what the other is doing. In this fatal approach, no one is working together on a consistent strategic message across all channels leading to mixed messaging and possible inconsistent look, creating brand confusion in the marketplace. Inconsistency and brand confusion is the #1 reason patients typically choose not to engage with your brand/practice.


Marketing activities can NOT be dealt with in silos. Social Media & content strategy affect SEO, SEO affects paid search, paid search works in harmony with traditional media channels like TV, Radio and Outdoor. ALL channels must be created and delivered through a comprehensive strategy and via a single voice. If done right, the results are staggering. We handle ALL aspects of your marketing so not to fall into the silo trap. This ensures of a intergrated and comprehensive campaign that resonates with your target consumer and produces bottom-line results.







There are plenty of advertising companies (digital and traditional) that can just make things pretty and sell you media with a bunch of bells and whistles. But will that produce results? We do not think so. We want to dig into your core business and offering as MUCH as you will let us. We want to sit down with you, your team and in some instances your current clients to understand EVERYTHING about your business or new idea. 


1. Day to day operations and how they work.


2. Who are your customers? Not just demographics but what is their mindset?


3. Why did your customers originally choose you?


4. Why do you customers choose to stay with you?


5. What makes your company different from you competitors?


6. What truly is your brand? Every company has a brand already, but VERY FEW have it written down. And certainly not written in a way that is useable to guide successful communications to attract new clients.


7. Who are your target clients? What key benefit do you offer that TRULY resonates with them? What is your product offering? What is the personality of your company? Are you fun? Knowledgable? Smart? etc etc…..


8. What does your future look like and what do you want your company and brand to accomplish?


By digging in and getting to know your brand and business helps us find those few small nuggets that actually make your company successful and can then be communicated in a persuasive way through media channels to reach your target consumer.


Data-Driven Decisions That Bring You Results!


On-Site believe that data drives everything these days and no decision should or can be made on just a whim. Data is king and On-Site will use data that our campaigns are producing to optimize your marketing campaign each and every month. Campaigns produce data, data produces key decision points, key decision points produce measurable results, measurable results equals bottom-line revenue.


At the end of the day, the data will tell us what is working and what isn’t that allows us to make SMARTER decisions for better results. Ultimately, it is about you not only getting more traffic to your website, but getting more patients in your door.





Some of our results:

  • Average of 84 new leads per month for a Bariatric Center in Dallas
  • Average of 78 new leads per month for an Orthopedic Group in Phoenix
  • Averaged of 75 new leads per month for an Orthopedic Group in Dallas
  • Average of 507 new leads per month for a Spine Surgery Center in DFW